Understanding the vital role of belonging in education

Chloe Stroman

The Mindset Scholars Network recently convened nearly 100 scientists, practitioners, and funders to discuss ways to support students’ sense of belonging in school.

Mindsets and the learning environment: Open-ended responses in college applications contain valuable insights about mindsets and college success

Chloe Stroman

This study uses machine learning to analyze students’ descriptions of their extracurricular activities for evidence of learning mindsets.

Mindsets and the learning environment: What environmental and neurobiological factors predict whether trauma-exposed children adopt a growth mindset?

Chloe Stroman

Andrei Cimpian and Nim Tottenham lead a project examining the neurobiology of growth mindset in young children.

The science of “wise interventions”

Jess Hennessey

New research by Greg Walton and Tim Wilson on how the way people make sense of themselves and social situations can influence their behavior and long-term outcomes.