School climate: A tool for improving student and teacher outcomes

Jess Hennessey

New study sheds light on the relationship between school climate, teacher turnover, and student academic performance.

A video introduction to the Mindset Scholars Network

Jess Hennessey

A new video explores the work the network is doing to advance understanding of learning mindsets.

New research on how young girls endorse stereotypes about intelligence

Jess Hennessey

Mindset Scholar Andrei Cimpian has written a piece in the New York Times on his recent findings of gender disparities in the way young children view intelligence.

Mindset Scholars Network launches initiative to understand how learning environments impact students’ motivation and engagement

Lisa Quay

The Mindset Scholars Network distributes more than $500,000 across eight interdisciplinary projects exploring ways that schools and classrooms can cultivate learning mindsets.