Supporting students’ sense of belonging

Gregory Walton

Greg Walton discusses his research on interventions that give students a different narrative for understanding challenges in school.

More evidence of the complex effects of teachers on student outcomes

Jess Hennessey

A study by Matt Kraft finds that teachers who positively affect students’ standardized test scores do not necessarily improve students’ complex problem-solving skills or their effort, grit, and growth mindset.

Exercises to reduce identity threat improve MOOC completion rates in less-developed countries

Jess Hennessey

A recent study led by Geoff Cohen found that brief online exercises delivered to students taking MOOCs improved persistence among individuals from less-developed countries and eliminated global gaps in course completion rates.

Giving parents new tools to help improve their children’s academic outcomes

Jess Hennessey

Research led by Mindset Scholar Mesmin Destin shows that small shifts in how parents talk to their kids and respond to their challenges can improve academic performance.