Topic: Mindset Scholars Network

A new Mindset Scholars Network steering committee for the new year

Jess Hennessey

The Mindset Scholars Network has created an interdisciplinary scientific steering committee to guide its work to advance scientific understanding of learning mindsets.

Mindsets and the learning environment: How teachers’ mindsets about mathematical ability influence their practice

Jess Hennessey

A new project being led by Mindset Scholar Andrei Cimpian explores how teachers’ perspectives on math ability relate to their classroom practices.

Mindsets and the learning environment: Exploring the links between socioeconomic contexts and mindsets

Jess Hennessey

Mesmin Destin discusses his research team’s project to explore trends in mindsets about intelligence among 9th graders in U.S. public high schools and to examine the relationship between students’ socioeconomic status, learning mindsets and academic outcomes.

Mindset Scholars Network is hiring a Research Director

Lisa Quay

The Mindset Scholars Network is seeking a Research Director, who will have responsibility for overseeing investments to advance the Network’s research and scientific leadership agenda.