the mindset scholars network

The Mindset Scholars Network’s mission is to advance our scientific understanding of learning mindsets in order to improve student outcomes and expand educational opportunity. It conducts original interdisciplinary research, builds capacity for high quality mindset scholarship, and disseminates the latest scientific knowledge through outreach to education stakeholders. The Network serves as an authoritative resource for reliable, research-based information about learning mindsets, including: Growth Mindset, Belonging, and Purpose & Relevance.

What We Do

Original Research

The Network’s current research projects focus on understanding the most effective conditions for students to develop learning mindsets.


Scientific Leadership

The Network promotes mindset research that is transparent, replicable, and ethical. It also builds cross-disciplinary consensus and cultivates the next generation of mindset scholars.



The Network translates scientific findings about learning mindsets into accessible knowledge for a variety of users, including educators, policymakers, and the R&D community.


Who We Are

The members of the Mindset Scholars Network are senior scholars and up-and-coming researchers from across the social sciences. The Network is comprised of 40 individuals representing 23 different institutions across the nation.


Barbara Schneider

Michigan State University

Chandra Muller

University of Texas at Austin

David Yeager

University of Texas at Austin

Mesmin Destin

Northwestern University

Thomas Dee

Stanford University
  • Columbia University in the city of New York
  • Harvard University
  • Michigan University
  • W Iniversity of Washington
  • Northwestern University
  • Indiana University
  • University Virginia
  • Stanford University
  • Penn

Who Funds Our Work

The Network and its initiatives are generously funded by: