Capacity Building

For the past three decades, mindset research has been conducted largely within social psychology. The Mindset Scholars Network is committed to increasing the number and diversity of researchers conducting high-quality mindset research across the social sciences. It conducts outreach to researchers in disciplines beyond psychology; trains and mentors young scholars; and engages researchers at universities participating in its studies.


  • Increase mindset scholarship in disciplines beyond psychology
  • Raise the prominence of promising young scholars engaged  in mindset research
  • Grow the number of researchers trained in the standards and norms for quality field research on mindsets


Network scholars will share their findings in scientific forums that reach disciplines beyond psychology. The Network will also publicize a cross-disciplinary research agenda on mindsets and make the latest findings from its research widely accessible through an open-access working paper series.

Young Scholars

Each member of the Network involves his or her graduate students and post doctoral fellows in mindset research. One of the key goals of the College Transition Collaborative, in particular, is to train the next generation of mindset researchers by involving over a dozen graduate students and post docs in conducting rigorous field trials of mindset programs. The Network also recognizes the best mindset scholarship by young scholars.

Local Research Partners

The College Transition Collaborative engages local researchers at its partner colleges in the customization process and analyzing data from their institutions.