Measurement matters

Lisa Quay

This post discusses a recent paper by Mindset Scholars Angela Duckworth and David Yeager on the state of how we measure non-cognitive skills and why they aren’t ready to be used for accountability.

Helping “first generation” students become “first graduates”

Lisa Quay

Mindset research helps unpack unique challenges faced by first generation college students and offers ideas for how to improve their success in college.

Can mindset research avoid the “oversold and underused” trend in school reform?

David Yeager

The Mindset Scholars Network will create and share knowledge about where, when, and under what conditions mindset approaches are effective—and not—to avoid these ideas being “oversold and underused.”

How worries about belonging can inhibit achievement

Natalie Orenstein

Mindset programs can improve students’ outcomes during tough academic transitions by helping them maintain a sense of belonging.