Topic: Achievement Gaps

Transforming teacher mindsets about discipline reduces student suspensions

Lisa Quay

A brief exercise for teachers that promotes an empathic mindset about student misbehavior decreases suspensions and enhances trust between students and teachers.

Mindset scholars share new research at the Education Writers Association’s National Seminar

Lisa Quay

Mindset Scholars Angela Duckworth, Ron Ferguson, and Mary Murphy shared insights about grit, child development, and college persistence with journalists at EWA’s 69th National Seminar in Boston.

Amazon releases new resource to promote growth mindset in math class

Jess Hennessey

Amazon is pledging to ban the phrase “I’m not good at math” and wants everyone to join the movement. Their new website provides resources to help educators and families promote growth mindset in their classrooms and homes.

Helping “first generation” students become “first graduates”

Lisa Quay

Mindset research helps unpack unique challenges faced by first generation college students and offers ideas for how to improve their success in college.