Topic: Belonging

Strategies for Supporting Students’ Perceptions That They are Heard and Matter (Part 2 of 3)

Chloe Stroman

Approaches like participatory action research, project-based learning, civics education, and ethnic studies, as well as system-level efforts that are responsive to the local context, can support students’ perceptions of being heard.

Expanding the Conversation Around Student Voice (Part 1 of 3)

Chloe Stroman

Cues from the environment shape students’ perceptions that their voices are heard and their perspectives matter. These cues are present in what is taught, who is teaching, and how teaching and learning happens, and they connect to tangible outcomes.

The Role of Belonging in Postsecondary Completion

Chloe Stroman

The Mindset Scholars Network hosted a briefing for congressional staff in Washington, D.C. about why student experience, and in particular, one’s sense of belonging, matters for postsecondary success.