Topic: Belonging

A video introduction to the Mindset Scholars Network

A new video explores the work the network is doing to advance understanding of learning mindsets.

Learning mindset programs at scale

Research from Mindset Scholars finds that brief, online learning mindset programs improved academic achievement among low-performing high school students.

Organizational mindsets: The power of promoting growth mindset ideals in the business world

Mindsets are held not only by individuals, but by organizations and groups as well. A study by Mindset Scholar Mary Murphy finds that implicit messages about ability conveyed by organizations can affect levels of engagement and trust in an organization.

Sharing mindset research with the media: Recapping the EWA panel discussion with Camille Farrington and David Yeager

Lisa Quay

Scientists shared the latest research on learning mindsets and the contribution of mindsets to student outcomes with journalists at Education Writers Association’s November 2015 Motivation and Engagement conference (first post in a series).