Topic: Mindset Scholars Network

Six new researchers join the Mindset Scholars Network

Lisa Quay

The new scholars bring deep expertise on the teaching profession, organizational resources in schools, post-secondary access, mindset-related curricula, educational policy, and the measurement of non-cognitive competencies.

Mindset Scholar Angela Duckworth in the New York Times: ‘Don’t grade schools on grit’

Lisa Quay

Providing feedback to students on their development of social-emotional skills is important. But Mindset Scholar Angela Duckworth argues that measures that provide feedback on skills like grit need further development, and should not be used for low- or high-stakes accountability.

New report on how teaching affects learning mindsets and engagement

Jess Hennessey

A new study by Mindset Scholar Ron Ferguson shows that specific components of teaching promote learning mindsets and engagement in the classroom.

The origins of the Mindset Scholars Network

Kathleen Costanza

The Mindset Scholars Network was established to answer questions about how students’ mindsets are influenced by the contexts in which they learn, and vice versa.