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Results: Growth Mindset

Parent practices & children’s mindsets: The power of how we frame failure

A new study by Kyla Haimovitz and Mindset Scholar Carol Dweck finds that parents’ beliefs about failure affect their parenting practices and influence their children’s mindsets about intelligence.

New evidence of growth mindset’s positive effect on achievement on a national scale—especially for low-income students

The links between growth mindset and achievement received important new validation from a first-of-its-kind study by Mindset Scholars Carol Dweck and Dave Paunesku and Stanford education researcher Susana Claro.

Praise the effort, not the outcome? Think again

Carol Dweck discusses the misconception that praising effort is sufficient to developing a growth mindset and the importance of an additional focus on outcomes.

Growth mindset doesn’t promise pupils the world

Carol Dweck explores how it can be dangerous to tell students they ‘can achieve anything’ and that they should be given the truth about their performance in order to find out what it will take to reach their goals.