We’re excited to announce that Jennifer Eberhardt, DeLeon Gray, and Simone Ispa-Landa have joined the Mindset Scholars Network.

As the network grows, our aim is to expand the expertise in our community to continue to push the frontiers of the field and the kind of research questions we can take on. During our 2019 expansion, we sought researchers with broad methodological expertise; content area expertise in curriculum and instruction, culture, structural inequality, and measurement; and experience with research-practice partnerships.

Each new scholar has demonstrated a record of exceptional interdisciplinary scholarship and a commitment to research that benefits society. Here are their research interests, in their own words:

  • Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt, a psychologist at Stanford University, said, “I am interested in the negative impact that bias, and the sheer threat of bias, can have on teaching and learning—and what we can do about it.”
  • Dr. DeLeon Gray, a psychologist at Michigan State University, identified that one of his “key initiatives during the 2019-2020 academic year is to work jointly with education stakeholders to disrupt structural aspects of schooling environments that leave students of color vulnerable to anxieties about belonging.”
  • Dr. Simone Ispa-Landa, a sociologist at Northwestern University, explained, “I investigate the intersections of race and gender in the schooling experiences of adolescents and emerging adults. I am currently working on a project about how teachers in a racially and socioeconomically diverse public high school interpret efforts to make school discipline more developmentally appropriate and racially equitable.”

They join a network of 43 researchers dedicated to advancing our understanding of students’ psychological experience of learning and school. This scholarly community is uniquely poised to study how students’ perceptions of themselves and their experiences are shaped by their identities and contexts, and how those perceptions matter for their academic motivation, behaviors, and outcomes.

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